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  • WA Department of Natural Resources; Lacey, WA: The environmental site characterization of various locations within the DNR-Lacey Compound. This compound had served as a maintenance facility for DNR for over 30 years with vehicle and equipment shops as well as buried waste disposal sites.
  • Former Bennett Paint Site; Salt Lake City, UT: The environmental site characterization, remediation and closure of a former paint manufacturing site. Extensive clean-up of this industrial site was required including the remediation of metals and solvents in soil and groundwater. The site has now been redeveloped for retail purposes.
  • Clark County, WA; Vancouver, WA: All technical and administrative tasks involving the decommissioning and closure of a diesel UST at the Clark County Corrections Center as well as the installation of a new emergency generator fueling system.
  • Town Pump; White Salmon, WA: The environmental site characterization and soils cleanup and of three separate petroleum hydrocarbon plumes which had affected a state right-of-way and an adjacent trailer park. All work was performed under an Agreed Order with the State of Washington.
  • Fire Protection District #2; Graham, WA: All UST decommissioning, site characterization, permitting, soils cleanup, and construction of a groundwater extraction system.
  • Port of Portland; Portland, OR: Term contracts awarded for asbestos/lead paint consulting on Port properties including the Marine Terminals and Portland International Airport.
  • State of Oregon Dept. of Administrative Services; Salem, OR: Survey of all state-owned buildings for asbestos containing building materials. This effort included the survey of over 1500 buildings, laboratory analysis of samples and development of a database to manage the material inventory as well as ongoing abatement efforts by various state agencies.
  • Portland Public Schools; Portland, OR: Term contract for Industrial Hygiene/Environmental Services including the design and implementation of various IAQ investigations as well as the management of various asbestos abatement projects.
  • Marine Midland Bank; New York, New York: Phase I ESA on 13,000-acre farm/ranch in Southern Oregon, including aerial overflight, field reconnaissance, records review, and reporting, with emphasis on adjoining property use. The site was purchased by the Nature Conservancy and set aside for natural reclamation.
  • First Union Bank; Cleveland, Ohio: Phase I ESA of 42 acres in Portland, Oregon, intended for about 500,000-square-foot retail shopping mall. Project included field reconnaissance, records review, and reporting.
  • David Douglas/Tigard/Hillsboro/Portland Public School Districts, OR: AHERA asbestos surveys for four school districts. Responsibilities included semi-annual re-inspection and appropriate management planner responses to changes in asbestos-containing materials in school facilities.
  • Symantec Corporation; Eugene, OR: Indoor Air Quality for three-story commercial building (computer operations center). Study included interviewing employees, measuring comfort parameters, testing for chemical/microbial contaminants inside and outside structure, as well as evaluation of heating, ventilation, and cooling system of building.


Photographic Explanations

Exhibit A
A historic fire insurance map from 1948 provided evidence of a former county road department facility which included an oil and gas dispensing area on the site of a medical office building. Previous due diligence investigations of this property had not disclosed this finding.

Certified Sanborn Map image shown by permission of the Sanborn Library LLC.

Exhibit B
A view of absorbent material (kitty litter) used on a spill of cutting oil in a chrome shop. This condition was indicative of poor housekeeping and poor waste management practices in this facility. Further subsurface investigation of conditions on this property was requested by the financial institution providing lending for this real estate transaction.


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